Certified Money Order

Using the Certified Money Order payment option will accept your order and place it on hold.  Once your order is submitted electronically, complete the steps to submit a physical payment so that your order can be released, processed and shipped.

1. Purchase a Certified Money Order direct at USPS, WesternUnion or any of their authorized retailers
2. Follow the instructions given after checkout regarding how to fill out the money order and where to send it in.
3. Place the completed money order in an envelope and mail it to the address provided at checkout.

-Your order will be released, processed and shipped when payment or proof of payment has been received.  Instructions for expediting your order will also be provided at checkout.

-Successful transactions will receive an Order Completion from Sabaikratominfo@gmail.com as your order is exported and processed.  This will be followed by the Shipping Confirmation from Sabaikratominfo@gmail.com when the daily report runs on the day your order ships.