Monthly Archives: March 2018

Coffee Roast Levels

Whether you are a coffee fanatic like us, a home roaster, or entirely new to coffee you have probably heard some the most common coffee roast levels descriptions. Today, I want to dive into the roasting process for coffee, specifically the roast profiles and descriptors that are most commonly used by coffee roasters. At Driven, […]

Basics of Coffee – Part 1 – Who We Are

Helping People Experience Better Coffee U.S. Specialty Coffee Consumption Report – National Coffee Association Annual Drinking Trends Study Specialty Coffee is exploding in popularity both in the United States and around the world. We are in the midst of a craft movement similar to what beer has been enjoying for the past 25 years. People are educating […]

Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis – Now Serving Driven Coffee!

I first met with Greg, the Manager of Concerts, Enhancements and Concessions at Orchestra Hall in downtown Minneapolis, this summer. He was passionate about focusing on three main goals for this upcoming season: to partner with and support local businesses to reduce Orchestra Hall’s carbon footprint to constantly improve the guest’s experiences Supporting Local Businesses […]